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Life is FUN! These are my explorations of the wonders of imagination.

July 28, 2021

205 Snap It: The Coin of Heaven pt. two

This is one of my favorites of Neville Goddard's lectures. 

"Want to awaken? Do this..." - Neville

July 25, 2021

204 The Coin of Heaven

"You are standing forever in the presence of an infinite and eternal energy, and from this energy all things proceed, but they proceed according to pattern. Energy is moving in a certain pattern and you determine the pattern that it takes, for you actually lay down these tracks within you that energy flows over by the use of your inner conversations." Neville Goddard

July 22, 2021

180 Oh!

**This episode is from January 29, 2021. A listener pointed out that it was missing. I didn't realize the language I used was considered explicit. After a couple of adjustments...here ya go!**

Ever have one of those days when all is going so well and then it isn't? And then you start to freak out and wonder what the hell are you doing wrong?

July 17, 2021

203 Be Empty and See

"So today I'm practicing 'no memory' states. I remember and know nothing - about myself and the world. All erased. At first, it was a bit scary. A Blank page. But it feels like total freedom after a while." I got that message from a listener this morning. Our conversation led to today's topic. Let me know how you're exploring emptiness.

July 8, 2021

202 Call Me

Call me and I will answer. And I will blow your mind. - Jeremiah 33:3 (Feeling Twisty Translation)

July 1, 2021

201 It’s Up To You

"Sleeping in the state, you move across a bridge of incident that leads you toward the fulfillment of your assumption. But when you forget the tense and you say I will be I was or in any other way, you delay the journey. And it seems so long because man in his journey finds it difficult to keep the tense of the God he promised to worship." Neville

June 16, 2021

200 Freedom and Beauty

"Decide to start noticing how seeming others are reflecting your state of consciousness. It’ll work. A simple decision to start paying attention. You’ll see. And even if you have the shock that I did, that shock will fade into the beauty and freedom of who you really are."

June 2, 2021

199 Chatter Box

"So what are you saying at every moment of time? Watch it; be careful what you are saying, because your whole vast world is this inner conversation pushed out.  And you can change it only by changing the conversation, because the conversation is equated with your nature. This whole vast world is but “frozen” inner speech." Neville Goddard

May 26, 2021

198 Living In The End

You're always living in the end of your assumptions, but is it the end you want?

May 20, 2021

197 Desires: What To Do With Them

This episode comes from a message I got from someone this week. Some schools of thought teach it's better to shed all desires. Well, I don't agree with that.